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International celebrity photographer
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An economist by education, a photographer by profession and a traveller by passion

She runs her own studio Kat Piwecka Photography in Poznań / Poland. In 2009 she started her photographing business with family photography. The last years she was mostly occupied with business and commercial photography. In private photoshoots she specializes in portrait, glamour and sensual photography as well as in showing close relations and emotions between people (parents and children, couples, friends). 

She takes a special interest in social photography. She strongly believes her mission as a photographer is to show with a picture important issues and problems affecting other people, to get people used to those things, which are not talked about enough. She is the author of the controversial exhibition of the portraits of breast cancer survivors called “The Beauty and The Breast” which was displayed at the European Parliament in Brussels.

But her real passion is travelling and travel photography. In years 2014-2020 she shared my impressions on travel blog www.travelphotographer.pl. As a travel journalist she worked for magazines: Business Insider Poland, Onet.pl, Imperium Kobiet, Law Business Quality, Oh!Me, Matka Polka and ONTV. Her exhibition “A Travelling Photographer” was displayed in the terminals of polish airports. Because she found her second home in Portugal, in 2020 she published her first travel book – a photo album “In Love With Portugal”.

At the turn of the year 2019 and 2020, she celebrated 10 years of her artistic work with her latest exhibition #photographedbyKatPiwecka. On that occasion a big event with celebrities and media was organized in Warsaw and next the exhibition went on 2 years’ tour of events and galas. Continuing the celebration, the first album with portraits #photographedbyKatPiwecka 2020 was also published in 2020.

She is a happy wife and mother of two children, two cats and one dog. Because of her love and empathy for animals, she has been vegan almost all life. She hasn’t been drinking alcohol for a decade and lives a very healthy lifestyle. She is deeply involved in finding eco solutions in everyday life. She is a horrible bookoholic with a big interest in self development. She is also addicted to yoga and meditation and love to run, bike and swim. She is absolutely passionate about life and completely dedicated to her photographing profession.

She shares her business and private life between Poland and Portugal. She speaks Polish, English, Portuguese and German.

Everywhere I look, I see the light and the shadow. Always together. The shadow follows every gleam of light. I accept all the shadows that I see. I don’t fight with the shadows trying to deliver the perfect lighting. I let the shadow stay in my pictures in the same way as I welcome the light. I take all my photographs with the light and the shadow I already have.

While my travel photography is always full of colours, I totally don’t need the colour in photographing people. I can say that I see the world in colours and I see the people in black and white. In portraiture I focus on the eyes (which are the windows of the soul), emotions, smile, the gaze, the expressions, the feelings. The issue is to stay as close as possible with my camera. That is why all my portraits are close-up compositions with the eyes on the foreground. My style is simplicity and minimalism both with the composition and the lighting. I use the natural daylight caught in the shadow area while taking photos outside and the same natural daylight from the window while taking photos inside. Very rarely I need a little help from the continuous lighting.

Every photoshoot is a meeting. It’s a beautiful time of getting to know eachother, talking about life, exchanging experiences and most of all lots of laughs and good energy. It is simply a time of meeting another human being and having a life talk – and the photoshoot itself is always secondary, the photographs are being taken in between. What you can see on the portrait is the unique connection developed between a photographer and a model. I am so greatful to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful and inspiring people in my work.

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